Stage one of FLUX

Stage one of FLUX

FLUX powered by Spacecubed has opened the first stage of the largest co-working offices in the Perth to the first round of start-ups and entrepreneurs, just 14 months after the original concept discussions.


FLUX is set to deliver a space unlike anything else in the Perth market. The three levels, combining to a total of 1400spm, house a hot desk system, communal kitchen, terrace, small offices, and larger rooms for specialist consulting teams, large breakout areas for workshops and events, as well as featured industry and technology specific areas: CORE Resources Innovation Hub and SOLDER makerspace.


Spacecubed Managing Director Brodie McCulloch says, “Upon completion, FLUX will focus on providing access to a number of leading technologies, including 3D printing facilities, a virtual reality hub and a ‘Maker Space’.


The project is scheduled to be complete in July 2016.


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