Top five considerations when making an office move

Top five considerations when making an office move

Considering a move? We’ve put together our top five considerations for any company to weigh up when choosing a new space

The Location

A serious business needs a serious address. Your address can say a lot about your business. Think about the signal you want to send to your current and potential clients as well as potential investors and whether the building emulates this.

When choosing your location, accessibility is also a key consideration. A central location with access to transport and parking has never been more important. Positioning yourself where your staff don’t have to face a long commute, a large percentage of your external stakeholders are close by and access to nearby public transport and car parking facilities can only assist your business to grow.

Located at the western end of St Georges Terrace, Hawaiian’s properties are home to some of Perth’s most established and professional businesses. With the Esplanade train and bus station around the corner and secure car parking facilities available.  


The Timeline

Making the right decision in regards to relocating your business takes time. You aren’t simply choosing an address, you are choosing a landlord to partner with for the next stage of your business growth. Don’t rush into a decision, have a conversation and get to know your potential landlord and let them get to understand your businesses needs so as to provide the best support to allow you and your staff to stay focussed on the job.

At Hawaiian we work towards a win-win partnership with our tenants. The right lease, the right design and the right fitout delivery takes time because it needs to cater for your business’ future not just the present. If you’re even contemplating a move within the next 12 months, start your conversations now.


The Fitout

The right fitout can drive your business. Your office space needs to be much more than a collection of desks; it affects the efficiency of your staff, the ability for business growth and will be a sign to external stakeholders of how you run your business.

Hawaiian works with tenants to achieve the right fit out to cater for growth, efficiency and engagement. We engage with a small selection of boutique design professionals, who have achieved a broad range of unique office concepts within our properties, from the modern and industrial space created for FLUX in Parmelia House to creating a fit out for Ignia that has the flexibility to efficiently cater to staff numbers fluctuating on a daily basis.   


The Staff Benefits

While you are planning a move, ensure you are considering the impact and maximising the benefit it can have on your staff. We have covered how location can impact them, but what can your landlord and the building add to your employees work day? End of Trip facilities, gyms, in-house cafes can all add to your employees’ work life balance.

Hawaiian’s properties provide all of these features, having just completed extensive upgrades to the gym and End of Trip facilities, but we like to extend beyond this with small tokens and special events for your staff to enjoy as our way of saying thank you for being part of Hawaiian’s community.


The Lease  

With most leases between three to five years, you need to consider not only the present but the future. Is your landlord easy to work with? Do they understand your business? Do they provide flexibility should your circumstances change?  

Hawaiian doesn’t believe in a “one size fits all” lease. Hawaiian is committed to creating a lease that works for your business. Through consultation, we take the time to understand our tenant’s needs and as an owner and manager, we have the flexibility to work towards win-win solutions with our tenants in a timely and efficient manner.  


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