sean pearce

Sean Pearce, Director

MKT Tax, a boutique accounting firm, selected to move into London House in 2004, following a move after 15 years across the terrace at 225 St Georges Terrace.  

Knowing Hawaiian well within his own network, MKT Tax Director Sean Pearce said Hawaiian was his first call when looking for new offices. Providing the team with a brief, options were presented by the Hawaiian team and shortly after MKT Tax chose a space in London House. Hawaiian made the move extremely easy and efficient, moving during the December/ January period. 

Following ten years of continually renewing their lease, the firm’s directors thought it was time for a move. Considering factors, including most clients were no longer in the CBD and inefficiency of advisors time spent driving to client offices, they had resolved to leave and made the call to Hawaiian.

However, after that phone call this changed. A very convincing case presented by Graeme McKeown paired with a deal made it clear it was easier, even desirable, to stay. Learning more like-minded boutique services would be coming into the building paired with the flexibility to refit to modernise their existing tenancy, reassured the firm they were in the right place. This also came with the added benefit of the upgraded end of trip and gym facilities having great appeal for the firm’s staff.  Connecting the firm with IA Group, MKT Tax was able to efficiently update their office, making more amenities in the same area.

"Hawaiian made the move extremely easy and efficient, moving during the December / January period." - Sean Pearce

“From their efficiencies as a landlord to the small gifts for our staff, we appreciate the consistent special recognition from Hawaiian. 

As a team we talk about Hawaiian as a proactive, personable, well known group that have continuity of people and service standards which is much like us at MKT.” MKT Tax Director Sean Pearce 

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