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Dave Tenni, Director

Ignia moved into Level 3 at Parmelia House in 2000, the same year the business commenced.

Like many young companies, a simple office set up worked for the software development company in its earlier years. It wasn’t until three years into a new five year lease, which had seen them move to a larger pre-existing office on Level 8 in 2011, they reached a level of growth that meant that they needed something curated to their needs, not a one-fits-all.

Not only did Ignia need a new space that would fit the growing needs of the company and the software development industry, they needed it to transpire mid-lease. Dave Tenni, Ignia Director knew that it would take an accommodating landlord to make this all happen.

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After the initial conversation with Hawaiian’s Commercial Leasing Manager, Graeme McKeown, Dave felt positive about the outcome they would achieve with Hawaiian.

“The Hawaiian team are really genuine. Snowie [Graeme McKeown] has been around forever – he knows what’s going on” he said.

Once the two parties identified Level 10, remaining within Parmelia House, it was on to ensuring the space was utilised to fit the growing business. The brief: Ignia’s office needed to be flexible. With staff coming and going from on site locations, they needed an office that could be efficiently utilised for when they had minimum staff (less than 30) as well as when there was up to 50 staff in need of a working base for the day.

“It’s a pleasure to see the office being utilised how we have envisaged it. The help that we received from Hawaiian, as well as IA Group, was fantastic. They really listened and ensured we had a smooth process. We are already in discussion with Hawaiian to plan and identify new space.”

In addition, as much of their work is collaborative they required curated usable pods where teams would share tasks, brainstorm on projects and carry out meetings.

Understanding all of the above information, Hawaiian connected Ignia with a number of contractors within their network that they knew would be able to deliver the brief, and do so efficiently. 

Working with Hawaiian and IA, Ignia was able to create an extraordinary space for their team, including elements such as a ‘garage space’ which allows staff to work on projects in the office in a mobile pod that is able to be stored in a locker system when they go on site, ensuring all projects and belongings remain secure. Having this kind of flexibility is invaluable to the growing business.

Dave Tenni said he was incredibly happy with the new offices and thankful for the assistance they received.

Dave's Favourite Features

Bike Facilities
Flexible Fitout
Central Location

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