Brodie McCulloch, Managing Director

At the start of 2015, Hawaiian were looking to innovate how they were using their commercial office buildings. They wanted to push the boundaries as a landlord and knew in order to achieve this they needed to partner with a company that was already succeeding at doing things differently.

With this in mind, in March 2015 Hawaiian approached the team at Spacecubed, Perth's leading co-working offices.

Everything about this project was different to anything that existed within Hawaiian's commercial offices so two key factors were vital in ensuring this partnership succeeded; shared objective and trust. With the shared goal to create an environment that actively engages and drives entrepreneurship and innovation in Western Australia, the space created needed to inspire those using it as well as be equipped with facilities and leading technologies that enabled projects and initiatives to be brought to life.

"Richard [Hawaiian General Manager - Development and Commercial] reached out and came into our offices in March last year. After that first meeting things really started moving straight away" Spacecubed Managing Director, Brodie McCulloch reflected.

The outcome is the largest co-working offices in Perth and unlike anything else in the market. The three levels, combining to a total of 1400sqm, house a hot desk system, communal kitchen, terrace, small offices, larger rooms for specialist consulting teams, large breakout areas for workshops and events, as well as featured industry and technology specific areas: CORE Resources Innovation Hub and SOLDER makerspace.

“The forward thinking approach of the team as a landlord and partner of Hawaiian is unlike any other group we have engaged with before”

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